[Tips] Living in harmony with nature - Try SwitchBot

From global warming to energy issues, we are facing several environmental challenges. To protect the global environment is not only a social issue but also a matter of each.

Every one of us should have a deeper understanding of environmental issues, taking measures around us, and change from small things.

For the upcoming World Environment Day, Try Switchbot, an energy-saving and recyclable product that may help you to live in friendly with nature.

Batteries are necessities of life but they also cause a large amount of pollution in our daily lives.

It will leak due to aging or over-discharge when left in equipment. Furthermore, a great deal of energy is expended in the production of dry cell batteries.

Why don't we use disposable batteries as little as possible and think about alternatives to remote controls?

Try SwitchBot

Our Switchbot Hub Mini, a remote control replacement.

If you fill your infrared remote controls (air conditioner, TV, etc.) into one Hub Mini, you can manage them all with a smartphone in our APP.

Naturally to reduce disposable battery waste in our daily life.

Try SwitchBot

Not only can reduce disposable battery waste, but also can save you energy consumption.

Open our APP you can set the 'Scene', set your daily execution.

For example, When finish the job back home, open the TV or game player. Falling into sleep without any notice.

At that time, the timer which your set in our APP will help you to turn off the TV or game player.

Following the below link to see more about 'Scene' :


Conserve More Energy, Consume Less waste

Use the SwitchBot friendly with nature, create a sustainable development environment for lives.

Equipment required: SwitchBot Hub Mini and home infrared electrical appliances.