Top 5 Ways to Use Your SwitchBot Tag

Introducing SwitchBot Tag.

Implementing technology into everyday life is now more popular than ever. Not only is technology becoming more accessible, but it's advancing day by day, and we’re seeing more and more possibilities with how we interact with our technology, not just outside, but at home too. NFC tags are being used more and more to simplify our daily routines.

So, what does NFC stand for? Yeah, you guessed it. Near-field communication (we know, you never saw it coming). NFC is a protocol that enables two devices, usually your smartphone and something else, to contact each other by bringing them within close range.

Ok, that’s awesome and stuff, but... “what does it do for me?” we hear you ask. Well, NFC tags are useful for a ton of things, but we decided to share with you some of the ones that we think are the best.

Top 5 Ways to Use Your SwitchBot Tag

#1 Move Nights

What you’ll need: #SwitchBotHubMini, #SwitchBotBot, #SwitchBotCurtain, #SwitchBotTag

Get prepared.

Movie nights are now even easier than ever. Get yourself set up: snacks, drinks, new movie… make sure you’re well prepared. And it’s time to relax. Attach a SwitchBot Tag to your coffee table and tap to start.

Watch the magic happen.

And then… Whoosh! Boom! Alakazam! Your SwitchBot Curtain will start working it’s magic and your curtains will automatically start closing. At the same time you’ll see your lights turn off and you’ll almost be reading to get stuck into that movie you’ve been waiting to watch.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

You are now all set up and ready for movie night, sit back, press play, and enjoy a movie or two, or three… or four.

So, what else can SwitchBot Tag do? We’ve included a few more ideas for you to make life just that little bit more fun below, enjoy!

#2 Leaving Home

What you’ll need: #SwitchBotHubMini, #SwitchBotCurtain, #SwitchBotBot, #SwitchBotIndoorCam, #SwitchBotTag

Do you often forget to turn off the lights or the air conditioner (or maybe both) when you’re leaving home in a rush? Well check this out, get set up with the SwitchBot Series, then stick a SwitchBot Tag in the hallway and touch it with your mobile phone when you’re on the way out. Just like that, you’ll be able to automatically turn off all your home appliances in just seconds (and it’s definitely easier to remember!). What’s more, you can even use this setup with a SwitchBot Indoor Cam to make sure everything is watched over carefully when you out of the house.

#3 Using NFC in the Car

What you’ll need: #SwitchBotTag

You can also program NFC tags to automatically open Google Maps, turn on Bluetooth, and connect your phone via your in-car entertainment system whilst turning off the Wi-Fi, all through a simple automation using your SwitchBot Tag.

#4 Preparing for Sleep

What you’ll need: #SwitchBotHubMini, #SwitchBotBot, #SwitchBotCurtain, #SwitchBotHumidifier, #SwitchBotTag

Worked overtime (again?) and got home late last night? Been up all-night at the library studying? Don’t worry about it, get home, straight into bed, and just tap your SwitchBot Tag on your nightstand. You’ll be able to turn off all the lights in the house, close the curtains, and turn on your air conditioner and humidifier all in one go, it’s that easy.

#5 Use NFC to startup your PC

What you’ll need: #SwitchBotTag

This is a pretty cool trick we came across when SwitchBot Tag was just about to be released. For those of you who are more confident using NFC, you can actually use your tag to start up your PC (using the Wake on LAN function). Simply, wave your smartphone over your SwitchBot Tag attached to it, and when both devices are under the same network your computer will instantly start. Here is a good article on how to get it done.