4-Pack Blind Tilt Combo4-Pack Blind Tilt Combo

4-Pack Blind Tilt Combo

Compatibility SwitchBot Blind Tilt is suitable for horizontal louvers with rotary bars that measure between 6.2mm to 12mm. Description The world's easiest solar-powered smart blinds. Here to help make your...
US$234.99 US$279.96
4-Pack Curtain Combo4-Pack Curtain Combo

4-Pack Curtain Combo

Compatibility *Before buying, please check if SwitchBot Curtain is compatible with your original curtain rail.  Check compatibility > Description Install in 30 seconds - Make your curtains smart in seconds without...
US$346.00 US$396.00
Blind Tilt + Hub 2 + Remote Combo

Blind Tilt + Hub 2 + Remote Combo

US$206.99 US$229.96
Bot + Hub 2 + Remote Combo

Bot + Hub 2 + Remote Combo

US$205.99 US$265.97
Blind Tilt + Sensor ComboBlind Tilt + Sensor Combo

Blind Tilt + Sensor Combo

Description Automatically control your blinds when entering or leaving home, or even when in the bathroom using SwitchBot Motion Sensor or Contact Sensor.
US$85.49 US$94.98
Hub 2 + Blind Tilt ComboHub 2 + Blind Tilt Combo

Hub 2 + Blind Tilt Combo

Add voice control to smart Blind Tilt, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts, IFTTT, SmartThings, and more. Hub 2 can also monitor indoor temperature and humidity.
US$188.99 US$209.97
Solar Panel ComboSolar Panel Combo

Solar Panel Combo

Tech Specs Curtain Compatibility: Check compatibility
US$106.00 US$118.00
Curtain Starter ComboCurtain Starter Combo

Curtain Starter Combo

Tech Specs Curtain Compatibility: Check compatibility
US$212.99 US$237.00
Advanced Curtain ComboAdvanced Curtain Combo

Advanced Curtain Combo

Description Solar panels provide up to 8 months of battery life for the Curtains. Hub Mini adds voice control and remote control to the Curtain. Tags help you control your...
US$259.99 US$288.98
Blind Tilt ComboBlind Tilt Combo

Blind Tilt Combo

US$159.99 US$178.98
4-Curtain Combo4-Curtain Combo

4-Curtain Combo

Description This Combo works well for multi-room control, with the Hub Mini you can control multiple SwitchBot Curtains at the same time, freeing hands and free control.   Tech Specs...
US$426.99 US$474.00
4-Bot Combo4-Bot Combo

4-Bot Combo

US$143.99 US$159.94

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