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Rohin Aggarwal
Working as promised

The Switchbot is a great no frills product. It works well in switching my ducted AC on/off exactly as promised. I’ve had only a couple of times where the unit hasn’t responded from a wifi command via the app, but both times the app told me that the request hadn’t gone through, so I wasn’t waiting for it to do something that it hadn’t done. I’ve setup an automation using the temp sensor, which so far is working well (early days). It’d be good to have a little bit more flexibility in the automation but overall no complaints. It saved me having to buy a $3500 upgrade to make my AC smart!

Easy Install

Impressed by how the features work as advertised and how simple it was to get everything setup.

Adds value where others cannot

I have these stupid light switches which cannot be replaced. So I use the bots with them. The bots are now tied to an Alexa routine which turns them on 30 minutes before sunset, and off when needed or an hour before sunrise.

I am a happy camper though I do worry about the uncommon battery type in these bots and how often I will have to replace it.

I guess we will find out!

Seven So

Basic package to enjoy the smart living

Charles Van Geenhoven

Bot Combo

Scott F.
My new Bots

I’ve had the switch bots for a few weeks now and am enjoying them very much. I also bought the hub mini to voice control through Alexa and it works flawlessly. Timer functions work great to have lights come on before I get home and 2 connected to ceiling fan switches. Great product

So Cool

Really fast response times, relatively easy setup. Works really well! I'm waiting for the next sale to buy more!

Terry Bright

I really like it, but I can't get it to work with my Alexia.
I want to ask her the temperature in the bedroom or living room. Please help!