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Good product, quick delivery

happy with it. purchased the product from the official page and it was cheaper than local options

Great product

Great product. Fast product

Well-made, robust curtain opener

A lot of these reviews are based on the old version, which lacked several important features that are on the new version. I bought 2 of the new version and I am quite happy with the purchase. It is rechargeable, has light level detection, and is pretty well-made. I tried to find other ones on Amazon and this was the most reliable curtain opener.

This product lacks Alexa/Google Home integration, but if you are just having it open and close by time/level of light, then the app is sufficient. If you want voice control, you will need a hub.

Overall, I am happy with the purchase. It works well for me and also the customer service is great.

Nikkia Gumbs
Exactly what I needed

I LOVE this product! I mounted my Thunderbolt hub under my desk and had to crawl under the desk each morning to boot up my system. I didn't even know something like this existed, but just started looking for an automatic button pusher and this came up. I was also happy to see that this could be paired with a remote/ switch so that I didn't have to bring my phone into the office every morning. This product works exactly as described. It was a little more than I expected to pay, but the coupon helped. Easy to mount and does exactly what I wanted. I don't have it integrated with Alexa, so I cannot speak to that. However, it worked really well with my cell phone. The app was easy to install and I had it mounted and working within 5 minutes.

Sergey Sidorov
Saved me from buying a new espresso machine

It was easy to set up and works perfectly. My espresso machine is hot and ready when I wake up!

Camila Gomez
Easiest way to make your home smart.

Works perfectly.
It's very easy to set up, no cables, no tools, just a phone and wifi signal.

Rey Martinez
SwitchBot Bot is Amazing!!!

The possibilities are endless with this lil robot. I can now automate something as simple as opening my garage door simply by just asking Alexa. Thank You SwitchBot for this great product.

ben kagan
best robot ever

I thought this was going to be a silly purchase but it has turned out to be the best. The whole family loves watching the curtains close in the evening.
I have it on a schedule for morning and evening.
we even created a scene with lights for "MOVIE TIME"
I wish we had more curtains in the house because I would totally get more curtain robots