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Felippe Galiani Garmbis
Just amazing!

Work as intended, connect on first try, no struggles, good quality, included everything needed, amazing! I wish everything I buy was just like this!

Great for your aging parents

My parents are in their 80s and unfortunately time takes a toll. Both my parents have trouble with keys and entering their condo. I found them to be fumbling and challenged to get in during rainy, wet weather and looked at this is a perfect solution I began with one door and added a second worked with our condo neighbor, and was able to do the front door. They have been doing very well with the product it’s been installed for about a year. My parents were able to learn to use the app as well as the keypad. I gave them the cards. They have not mastered that yet.

I think this was a great addition to their home, and is one of several items that are allowing them to enjoy their independence while dealing with the issues of aging

Bhushan Patel
Works great

Everything works as expected. I love the fingerprint sensor and the ability to add multiple prints.


Fantastic. 10/10. Love it

Lau L
Turn my old lock into a smart lock

I always wanted to try a smart lock to avoid my kids carrying keys to school, however due to my unique stainless steel door, I just can’t find a easy way to change it or add on to my existing mortise lock setup until I finally found Switchbot, now me and my kids use our fingers, and never have to worry about keys again to open the door

Cristian Portillo
Best Purchase Yet!

Wish I would of purchased a lot sooner! I love how simple it is to get into the house now and I love how much peace of mind I have now knowing I can lock or unlock from various ways such as my phone, or the keypad or my fingerprint!

Edward M lowe
Customer service

Thank you f9rnworkong with me over the past few weeks. We got the lock tonworknon the wanted lock after some desing questions. Indo thinknthst the lock needs an improvement for the lock cap itself which I kind of designed to improve the locking and unlocking functionality

Worked out perfectly

I bought this Switchbot lock because I wanted a smart lock but I didn't want the hassle of changing out my existing lock. This worked out perfectly. I got the lock, touch Keypad and mini hub combo which you'll need if you want to be able to access the lock or door lock status remotely. Installation was pretty simple. The only thing I was a little frustrated with was that the installation video links were not included in the manual and I had to go looking for them. Also, the tool to open the battery door of the keypad was included but they didn't say in the manual what it is supposed to be used for and that was a little frustrating too. But once I found the installation videos everything became clear and from then on it was so simple to install and set up. Now I can lock/unlock the door from anywhere I have an internet connection. I have multiple ways to lock/unlock the door. And I can check to ensure that I've locked the door from anywhere with an internet connection. And I can still use my existing key in case of emergencies or when there's a power outage. All without drilling fresh holes in my door. I love this product

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