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Mighty little guy & new member of the family!

I received this little guy first week of January and immediately started putting it through the ringer in the townhouse my family rents here in Texas.

I never owned a smart robot vacuum prior to this little guy but can say that within a week noticed a more clean vibe to my home.

My kids ages: 2,4,7 and 17 now have a routine where I announce the K10+ that they named "Peter" (after Peter Pan) is going to move around the house so they pick up after their rooms real quick. I think it's made them all more self conscious of having messy rooms.

I've not set up a routine yet for Peter but wife tends to text me on the regular at work when she wants me to send him out to vacume certain rooms in the house.

I was probably the most excited to have the K10 in the house because it was actually a grand prize through a contest sponsored by Switchbot on X (formerly Twitter). I shed a happy tear at work because this guy was a blessing at the end of a tough year for me.

Thanks for making a wish of a robot vacuum a reality, elevating my smart home game and putting me into a new journey with switchbot!

Warmest regards and happy Switchbot customer! -Rick

Cloud 9 Teck
Mini but mighty!

This vacuum is fantastic! The features and performance is amazing considering the size is half of what other robot vacuums are. I highly recommend this product! You can see my full review below! YouTube video placeholder
Great Robot Vacuum

This is a brilliant robot vacuum. It's size gets in the smallest spaces and cleans thoroughly. The app has a bunch of awesome features such as suction levels per room, no-go mop/vacuum areas and schedules.

With the mess my kids make, it's been amazing at cleaning up behind themso well, especially with the mop for deep cleans. The self cleaning bin is a big plus too!

Overall best robot vacuum ive used. Compact, easy to use and fantastic at cleaning. Would highly recommend

kelly g.
Easy to set up, small dust/ lint compartment

I’m still trying to get this Switch bot to empty on its own, so I still have some set up to do. But overall this was very easy to set up and I’ve already let it run over my 1st floor which is 2000 sq ft. And it did a great job. I did stop it one time to empty the dust/ lint compartment, it’s pretty small so it will need to learn to go back and dump, then continue. I’m also still learning the mapping, but it seems it has a memory of where it previously vacuums then returns to the same route. This is a small unit, which allows it to maneuver chairs and tables easily., and overall a really nice robotic vacuum.

Excellent compact robot vacuum cleaner

I am very pleased with this robot vacuum cleaner. We already own another Switchbot device. This vacuum can quickly map out your floor plan of your house and you can customised the settings by creating separate zones for an open plan house, ie living area, kitchen, dining and etc.
Setting up was straightforward and the app works well with the device.
Overall it's a great robot vacuum cleaner and size wise it is significantly smaller than most in the current market.

Jonathan Phillips
great value

This mini robot vacuum is amazing its so easy to use and get going, it makes the housework seem like light work. you just set it up and off it goes, it has its own charging base and is wifi connected and can be set up to your alexa or google assist its great.

The OP
Super compact and efficient

This does an amazing amount of work for such a small robot vacuum. It's roughly half the size of your standard auto emptying vacuum but without any lesser of an ability to clean.

It's small enough that it actually fits underneath the table between the chair legs and even under the sofa so it gets into all of the little areas even a manual vacuuming wouldn't get into. Yes it does take a little longer to clean as it doesn't have as much surface area, but this shpukdnt matter as its just a case of setting it up and leaving it to run.

After running each time it goes back to its base in order to empty and clean itself or even does it part way through when dirty enough, this happens both when vacuuming and when mopping, to switch in between these you use the accessories inside the home base itself.

Controlling it is mainly done through the switchbot app which in my case is the same app that controls a ton of other devices around my home including my automatic window openers, most of my smart cameras and even heating and moisture control.

If you are in a smaller home or like to have every last inch of your home cleaned automatically then this is going to be the only way to get it done properly so for me, this works out as a fantastic purchase.

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Small can also mean powerful.

Robot vacuum cleaners belong to a relatively new category, it is safe to say that the market has already been commoditized. This product has the same capability as high-end counterparts on the market, yet its volume has been reduced by 50%. It is obvious that a smaller size has more advantages in room spaces where furniture and other objects are placed. The size is surprisingly small, which is powerful innovation that is met with favor. The clean and neat form is also well-received.


Made to be small.


Small size in for flexible control.

K10+ features a body diameter of just 24.8cm, which can smoothly move and clean in narrow spaces such as under beds and sofas, without leaving any corner unturned.

Increases cleaning
coverage up to 90%.

With it's compact design K10+ can reach smaller spaces to clean better.


More fun with SwitchBot Ecosystem.
Buy combo and save more!

Add your devices to our app and link SwitchBot Lock, Contact Sensor, Pan/Tilt Cam, and Hub Mini together to achieve a fully automated smart home experience that can automatically start cleaning when you leave home.


Contact Sensor

「Exit mode」

Robot Vacuum

「Begins cleaning」


Smart Lock

「Detects moving objects」

Robot Vacuum

「Begins cleaning」

Pan/Tilt Cam

「Recording on」