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Ok truly next level and I almost hate that I like it this much

I am not a luddite, but I have no interest in ‘smart homes’, voice commands, hubs (sorry, SwitchBot). What I DID have an interest in was a tool that could let me sleep in darkness, and wake up with the sun… I live in a big city with big lights, and have historically had to pick between either struggling to sleep because of lights or waking up groggy in the darkness.

SwitchBot absolutely delivers, was one of the only tools in my price range, and one of the only ‘smart curtains’ that didn’t require a whole hub situation or integration nonsense.
I’ve heard it does that well, too, but.. no thanks.

I didn’t have the other models, but I can say that I can’t really hear the ultra quiet mode at all. I’ll be laying on my bed, curtain open, watching a video or something, and just notice it is closed later. I do have a decent amount of ambient noise around (city, air purifier, window AC in the next room over). I haven’t noticed it once in the week it’s been up, and it has not caused me to wake up when it opens for sunrise (disclaimer, due to the above ambient noise, I sleep with one earplug in and have for years)

Even still, I’m pretty confident it could be a seamless and non-disruptive option for a medium-heavy sleeper. I’m obsessed, I will be getting more for friends and family. I was not paid to write this, lol. It’s just very good and exactly what I wanted.

One downside: because it ships from China via DHL, the duty and fees for Canadians is about $40. This is a bummer, since it’s a US company, and I had costed it assuming I was safely under the US-Canada duty agreement. That increased the overall cost by 30%, and I spent more than I wanted as a result.
I would still buy again, but I encourage SwitchBot to ship via US!

Works well

The quality feels good and it works well and is easy to use too. The app is well designed and is easy to use. It was easy to attach the magnet and other things too the curtain pole. There is a slight delay between clicking the command for opening and closing. Overall this is a nice curtain opener and closer. Overall this is pretty good quality and works well.

Works even with an Expansion Rod!!

Absolutely, here's a concise 150-word review for the SwitchBot Smart Automatic Curtain Opener 3:

The SwitchBot Smart Automatic Curtain Opener 3 is a remarkable addition to my smart home setup. It operates flawlessly, even with my curtain rod expander, making it incredibly versatile. This device has simplified my daily routine, allowing me to open and close my curtains effortlessly through the app. Installation was straightforward, and it seamlessly integrated with my existing setup.

What sets this curtain opener apart is its reliability; it consistently performs as described. Its energy-saving benefits have been noticeable, as I can easily control the amount of sunlight in my room, contributing to reduced heating and cooling costs. The build quality is impressive, feeling robust and dependable.

In conclusion, the SwitchBot Curtain Opener 3 is a fantastic smart home accessory, adding modern convenience and efficiency to any home. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking an easy-to-use and reliable curtain automation

Visual lite
A great automated curtain opener simple to setup

This switchBot smart automatic curtain opener is excellent for automating your curtains. It is a quick plug and play tool with minimal setup. The curtain opener can be set up to be used as a remote or to set a timer or smart home function to open based on an event. The design of the unit makes it look incredibly simple and allows it to be set up in almost any room. The unit has a fairly high torque motor so if you have a heavy curtain on your rods as long as the surface is smooth this will operate with no problems. One thing that I have noticed is if your curtain rod is bent or has bumps this may hamper the opening function but it still works well and isn't too noticeable.

The smart curtain opener is incredibly quiet and can be set up to open the curtain without waking you up with its noise. The device can be set up with schedules for when to open and even used manually through a voice platform such as amazon alexa with commands.

Great unboxing as usual

Pretty excited to have received the new curtain 3. Havent had a chance to install it yet, but its going to fit right in with the rest of the ecosystem.

Build quality feels very solid. Its heavy, doesnt feel flimsy at all. Do pay attention to the rod size requirements though - I can see how this wont work right on a thinner pole. Packaging is thoughtful. Instructions look pretty good so far. Love the idea of having a solar panel for battery charging as well.

no brainer, you need this in your life

This invention is amazing. Get blinding curtains, and then hang this little bot in there to wake you up with natural sunlight in the morning. it is a far superior experience than waking up in the dark with an alarm sound. It is the natural way, and your body rewards you for it!
The only slight gripe I have: It isn't exactly silent. Even the 3.0, which is a vast improvement in sound, is not as quiet as you'd ideally want int he bedroom. So you wake up from the sound as much as from the sunlight, but thats ok! You still get sunlight in your face as soon as you wake up, which is the point. The bot is super cheap yet extremely high quality. The app is on point, the bot is super reliable and you only need to charge it twice a year or so. Anybody can set this up, any rail can handle this bot. Do yourself a huge favor and buy this thing I'm telling you.

Phiyen Duong
Completely Quiet on Schedule

Instead of closing this at the normal speed, this ones quietdrift mode is practically silent. Since it moves the curtain 1% at a time. It uses more battery though, so you may want to consider the solar panel. Ill be giving that a try.

Chris Zimmerman
loving the extra power, but makes a ticking noise

strange ticking noise that wasnt there when i used the older model on the same curtsin. that said, this one has no trouble moving my big curtain which i am grateful for. better troubleshooting would be appreciated. also apparently my hub needed an update to add automations to this, which the app strangely didnt -rompt me for. customer service had to tell me by mail after reaching out. luckily they are great, so no issue.