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Pamela Moore
Great technology

I bought the Meter plus with the hub plus the humidifier. It was a good price to buy both of them together. I also had the buttom one that I bought time ago. I decided to get the meter plus with the hub because we are going away for awhile and we would like to check the temperature of the house outside. It works as a charm. Easy peasy with the app. I tested already outside the house and it works great. The humidifier is a nice addition for the winter times overhere that it is so dry and you can add some oils. The bottom one I have it on my electric tea maker. I am planning to get the courtains one next. I am happy with them. You do not need any subscription. Do not forget to turn on the cloud option on the app so you can check them outside the house.

Ronnie Sanchez
Awesome devices

I love these devices they work wonderfully in my home!

Rodney S
Great Combo

Needed the hub and a temperature sensor.

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Introducing Meter Plus Combo

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More accurate temperature readings.

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Includes a 3-inch bold display.

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Push notifications (SwitchBot Hub required).

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Check and export temperature data.