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Kimo D
Easy to set up

I have quite a few IOT older devices that are a real pain to configure for my network… these are a breeze. They simply work without having to deal with any funny business between my phone and my tri-band network. Thanks Switchbot!

Kenneth Coulter
It’s Great!!

I really like the option of adding my device to HomeKit. Set up was very easy. So far, my SwitchBot Plug Mini works like a champ.

So far so good!

Love these plugs! Just went all in and ordered a bunch of them since they’re cheap and have native HomeKit and Google Home support. I chose these over similar plugs since they have energy monitoring and they’ve given me no issues. They’re fast, easy to setup, and quick! My only issue was the setup with HomeKit was a little tricky- just follow the app instructions and give it a minute and it should go through. Be sure to install any updates before plugging things into them, or it will power cycle your lights lol!

Donald Moore
Works Great - Native HomeKit!!!

Easy to set up. I use it for controlling a hot water loop pump. The pump hours of operation was controlled by mechanical switches. The clock function had to be reset for changes in daylight savings time or after a power outage. Don’t have to deal with that anymore.

Awesome Product Line, and Awesome Products

Since my introduction to SwitchBot, their products and software, I have been impressed and enamored with all of the System. I indeed look forward to adding to my pool of SwitchBot controls and utilizing them to the utmost.
Thank You for such a wonderful product and iteration of this Technology.

Christopher Mahoney
Love it!

Got this plug for the HomeKit integration and it works like a dream. Thanks SwitchBot!

Great Product. Lots of energy use info

Great little plug. Provides lots of energy use info such as: Energy output in kWh, Power On Duration, Power used in Watts, Current output in Amps, and Voltage output in Volts. It also gives you the option to export usage history into an excel .csv file. It also integrates into Samsung SmartThings ecosystem where you can turn it on and off and view energy consumption (and integrate it into automations) but you do not get info from the power meter function as you do in the SwitchBot app. I have it connected to my home theater system to have automations happen when the TV is on based on energy consumption values. Overall, product features, functionality and construction are solid.

Yui Pang
Nice mini plug, reliable and fast

Fits right in, the set up is a breeze and very responsive esp with the homekit integration. The product is very well made, and will recommend to anyone needing a smart plug.

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4 great reasons to choose
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