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Remotely monitor leaks from 

Remotely monitor leaks from  anywhere.

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Made Wi-Fi ready, for a better kind of
Water Leak Detector.

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Monitor potential leaks around your entire home from anywhere. No hub needed.*

Receive real-time alerts when going out or on vacation, and view records of water leakage incidents to remind family members to prevent floods before they occur.

*Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Monitor potential leaks around your entire home from anywhere. 单图-⅟@3x.png__PID:3eb630b1-60f3-4f9c-ba2a-71d16181eae7
Wider Wi-Fi coverage| SwitchBot Water Leak Detector单图-⅟.webp__PID:f94dae0f-7429-4bcf-a218-c49bb0e99d63

Wider Wi-Fi coverage.

There is no limit to the number of Water Leak Detector devices that can be added to our app, and wide Wi-Fi coverage* enables you to know what's happening when it comes to leaks at home, all in the palm of your hand.

*In open and unobstructed areas, communication distance between your device and Wi-Fi router can be up to 120m.

Drip, immersion, and water level detection*, all-in-one.Drip, immersion, and water level detection*, all-in-one.

4 types of alarms to make sure you're always aware.

Get sound alerts, app notifications, Alexa voice alarms, and emails to make sure you're always aware of what's happening at home.

Features alarm sounds up to 100dB.
Keep the whole family in the loop with push notifications.*
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Use with smart assistants.
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IP67 waterproof.

With its fully-sealed waterproof shell, Water Leak Detector can easily cope with high humidity working environments. Even when soaked in water*, it can still send out notifications normally and can even be reused after drying.

*Immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for no more than 30 minutes.

2-Year Battery Life

With 2 x AAA batteries (included), you'll only need to replace batteries once every 2 years.

*When used in Standy-by Mode, actual battery life performance may vary depending on use.

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