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Kerry Mauzy
Awesome Value

I graduated from a Roborock S4 because I got a new dog who finds every bit of water in my backyard and rolls in it, then leaves muddy footprints in the house. I have about 1700 sq ft downstairs, two dogs (one who sheds like crazy), waist-length hair, mostly wood laminate floors, but tile in the kitchen and bathroom, and a few rugs, all low pile except one shag type rug (no robot vacuum can clean this one without getting stuck).

I was initially looking at the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra and the Eufy S1 Pro. The Roborock is ridiculously expensive and in online reviews of multiple vacuums, didn't seem to perform at a level high enough to make it worth the extra cost (I really wanted the RGB camera and ability to view it on the app). The Eufy S1 Pro has the same mop roller style and I preferred that, but was still very expensive. I had never heard of SwitchBot, but someone mentioned it on a Reddit group about the Eufy and I found it was $300 cheaper than the Eufy and had to try it. I've since ordered Curtain 3, Blind Tilt, and Pan/Tilt Camera (haven't received yet, but hoping they're on par with the S10).
I run a vacuum schedule on the areas where dog hair piles up daily and most other areas 2-3 times per week. I mop/vacuum tiled areas 2x/week and the laminated wood floors once.

It picks up dog hair very well on the third highest setting on hard floors and rugs. The dust bag isn't even close to full after a month and one of my dogs sheds like I've never seen any dog shed, so I'm impressed.
- The mop style really removes dirt instead of just wetting it and moving it around - this is why I picked this vac/mop.
- The object avoidance works well and shows an icon of what it avoided in your map. The only thing it's run over are thin cords (like cell phone charger cords), but not extension cords.
- The mapping function in the app is great - make sure to click on the room label when you want to split it as I didn't realize that at first and couldn't split my rooms right.
- The robot seems to use AI to make the scheduled cleaning cycles faster. One four room scheduled cleaning has gone from 23 minutes consistently to 19.
- I like having the ability to set each schedule to run 2x on each area and being able to control the water level. Since my floors are wood laminate, you're not supposed to leave water on the floors, but on the moist setting (instead of wet), the water put down on one row is almost completely dry by the time the next row gets mopped, so I'm not concerned about the floors at all.
- The separate water station is great. I'm not one to consistently clean or dump the dirty water, so I appreciate having this. The install on one of my bathroom sinks was easy and the S10 came with all the parts I needed, except teflon tape, which I already had.

- About two weeks in, I got a notification that the tangle-free brush was stuck and had to remove my hair from the ends - since it's so long, I expect this to be an issue with every vacuum. I haven't gotten the error again.
- One time, the vacuum didn't seem to be picking anything up, so I checked and the bin was completely full and hair was getting pushed into the mop area. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to get a notification that the bin needs to be cleared. It had been at least several vacuum rounds since being properly emptied because I saw a leaf in the bin that I know it picked up several cycles before. Haven't had the issue since.
- Removing the screw-in filter top on the water station is a bit hard. At first, I couldn't get it off because I didn't want to pull or turn too hard. I watched a review video online and watched how far the guy turned the top and figured it out - turn the top so the part you grab is moved anywhere between the clear (open) dot and as far it as turns, then wiggle back and forth until it comes out.
- The battery drains quickly, about one percent per minute for me, but with how I have my schedules set up, it doesn't have to return to the dock to charge in the middle of any cleanings.

Would like to see the following added at some point:
- Being able to set the vac and vac/mop setting per room, instead of all having to be the same for each schedule
- Having the option for the robot to recognize and add rugs to the map, and have those vacuumed separately at the beginning or end of the room vacuum
- I think the constant increase in power, then decrease when the vacuum hits the rug and then comes off of it, drains the battery faster. Seems like vacuuming the rug fully, then moving on to the hard floors (or the opposite) would make more sense.- Get a notification if the bin is full.

I highly recommend the S10 and am very impressed considering this is the first vac/mop SwitchBot has made. It seems well built and the support group gets back to you in a timely manner and seem very open to taking feedback about the S10. I already convinced my sister to buy one and will continue pushing this to my family and fr...

Randy Stevens
Too convenient!

As a woman living alone, I was a bit nervous at first, but following the guide, I managed to set up the water station and everything else without any trouble.
It automatically tells the difference between floors and carpets, and it really doesn’t mop the carpet areas, so I can use it without worrying. It lights up like little eyes when it’s cleaning in tight spaces, which is just adorable!
The app’s restricted zone feature is a lifesaver! I set the pet feeding area and the toilet as restricted zones, and it smartly avoids those spots. So impressive!
I’ve always been concerned about the space under the sofa, but this thing cleans it thoroughly, and it’s such a relief! At first, I thought the water exchange station might be in the way, but it’s actually quite small and unobtrusive, only going there during cleaning. It can automatically exchange water, and it even dries the mop by itself. It’s amazing how you can complete all your floor cleaning tasks just by using the app—it’s like living in the future! I’m so blown away...!
If you’re on the fence, I absolutely recommend it.

Aaron Schmidt
Love this awesome vapmop

I can't stop telling people how awesome this smart vacmop is. Knocks it out of the park. Easy to setup and use, has features that rival/are comparable to all of the other main brands top smart bots plus it will empty/refill itself, clean its own mop, empty its dustpan and lots more. If you go the route of connecting the water fill station to the house water supply (I highly suggest) then that's even one more thing you dont have to worry about. This thing rules.

Brandon Miranda
Making housework easier! This is absolutely essential!

In our home, we have the main unit in the living room and the water station set up in the laundry room. Even if the vacuum main unit and the water station are placed a bit apart, the app automatically recognizes them! Isn’t that amazing?
If you follow the instructions and use the included parts to connect the washing machine's water supply and drainage pipes, it’s not difficult at all.
We had it clean once right away, and the floor became really clean. Fully automatic, exciting, and fantastic!

Thank you, robot vacuum cleaner!

Thank you, SwitchBot.
Thank you, robot vacuum cleaner.
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