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Jonathan Phillips
I'm pleased with its wireless functionality.

I'm satisfied with the features such as controlling it through the SwitchBot app and its ability to oscillate vertically and horizontally. One thing I particularly liked was its operation using the built-in battery, providing long-lasting performance. The only issue I encountered was with cable management. It's necessary to pass the cable through the hook on the back to insert it properly. While I understand it's for safety reasons, I hope they improve this design in the future.

Easy to use!

I'm satisfied with the cordless design and the ability to control it with my smartphone. It's also easy to carry around.

The performance is impeccable.

There's no denying the performance of this fan as a circulator. While the noise can be noticeable at maximum airflow, it's not bothersome when the airflow is reduced. However, one occasional concern is that the oscillation occasionally produces a series of clicking sounds while continuously switching on and off by itself. I wonder if this could be due to excessive sensitivity in the touch panel, as wiping it with a cloth to remove any dust seems to resolve the issue. Overall, it's a minor inconvenience considering the otherwise flawless performance.

The OP
very satisfied

I purchased this fan as a replacement for my old one, and I'm quite satisfied with it. The fan operates quietly, and through the app, I can control various functions such as airflow intensity and oscillation. It's a highly functional device. Additionally, I appreciate that I can manage all my other SwitchBot products registered in this app in one place, which is very convenient. However, since it's constantly plugged into the socket, I haven't felt much need for it to be battery-operated.

kelly g.
Nice product

I've been using various SwitchBot products, so I decided to purchase this one. I use it with Google for voice control.

SwitchBot Battery Circulator Fan

Automate air circulation

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A better way to circulate air.

Automate air circulation, all year round.

Automate air circulation based on the temperature and humidity of your room thanks to SwitchBot Hub 2 and make sure air is sent throughout your whole home.

冷房 サーキュレーター

Helps cool down rooms in the summer.

When Hub 2 detects a rise in room temperature, your air conditioner and Battery Circulator Fan can automatically activate to quickly distribute cool air into your room.

Combats dry seasons and keeps home life comfortable.

In drier seasons like Fall, when the humidity drops and things start getting dry, SwitchBot Humidifier and Battery Circulator Fan can help battle dryness and keep your living environment comfortable.

暖房 サーキュレーター

Enjoy warm rooms in the winter, all automatically.

We all know warm air rises. SwitchBot Battery Circulator Fan can help heaters work better by circulating hot air in the winter for a warmer room. Now that's cosy!

Prevents dampness during rainy seasons.

Battery Circulator Fan can also help with ventilation and can increase the effectiveness of dehumidifiers placed in your room, helping to try laundry faster on rainy days.