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Derek Westray
Works great so far.

I was able to get this up and running fairly quickly and so far its been working great.

Jon Pow
Does what it says in the marketing - but very expensive

I can confirm that set up was very easy and it has made the Switchbot Blind Tilt I got at the same time available natively in the Apple Home app. Via Apple home app you are restricted to either open up or open down rather than the full range of movement. It is to my mind expensive at £69.99 when it can only support up to 4 switchbot devices. Another curious thing is that it shows in the Eve App as unreachable, although it clearly is.

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What's new?

Supports the new smart home standard, Matter.

Matter is a universal smart home standard that allows smart home devices from different companies (regardless of manufacturer) to be compatible and seamlessly collaborate. In conjunction with Hub Mini Matter Enabled, household appliances that support IR remote controls (such as air conditioning, lights, TVs, etc.) and SwitchBot Bluetooth devices that previously did not support Apple HomeKit* can now be synced and used in Apple Home via Matter. You can even use voice commands to control devices using your Apple HomePod too.

Using Matter requires third-party gateways such as HomePod Mini or Google Nest Hub. For more information regarding Matter, please click here.

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Multiple different devices, all controlled through one application.

Infrared appliances such as air conditioners, lights, and TVs can be added to Apple Home and registered with Hub Mini Matter Enabled through Smart Learning, allowing for smartphone control without the need to purchase new appliances.

SwitchBot Bluetooth devices can also become Matter compatible by linking to Hub Mini Matter Enabled.

Regarding functionality when using Matter.

As of January 2024, air conditioning can now support power on/off, mode changes, and temperature adjustments. And at this moment in time, TVs, lights, and other infrared devices can only be toggled on/off.

SwitchBot devices that support Matter currently include seven products: SwitchBot Lock, Lock Pro, Bot, Curtain, Contact Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Blind Tilt.

Making the most of SwitchBot Scenes.

 In addition to the IR remotes, SwitchBot Bluetooth devices such as SwitchBot Bot, Lock, and Curtain can also be easily added and connected to Hub Mini Matter Enabled. If the running condition and expected startup time of linked device are registered via your Scene settings beforehand, they will automatically start working at the time specified. For example, if you have set a desired scene that uses SwitchBot Contact Sensor, SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ can automatically start cleaning when Contact Sensor detects you've left home, and then turn off your TV and air conditioning automatically, whilst SwitchBot K10+ starts cleaning your home.


/Hub MiniHub 2Hub Mini Matter Enabled
Charger Adapter Output5V1A 5V2A5V1A
Connection terminalMicro USB USB Type C (with multiple sensors) USB Type C
IR Remote Functionality
Temperature and Humidity Sensor××
Light Sensor××
Matter Functionality×
Smart Buttons××
IR Decoding××

*IR Decoding:

SwitchBot Hub 2 can also receive infrared information transmitted by physical air conditioner remotes and synchronize back to our app.