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Randy Stevens
Too convenient!

As a woman living alone, I was a bit nervous at first, but following the guide, I managed to set up the water station and everything else without any trouble.
It automatically tells the difference between floors and carpets, and it really doesn’t mop the carpet areas, so I can use it without worrying. It lights up like little eyes when it’s cleaning in tight spaces, which is just adorable!
The app’s restricted zone feature is a lifesaver! I set the pet feeding area and the toilet as restricted zones, and it smartly avoids those spots. So impressive!
I’ve always been concerned about the space under the sofa, but this thing cleans it thoroughly, and it’s such a relief! At first, I thought the water exchange station might be in the way, but it’s actually quite small and unobtrusive, only going there during cleaning. It can automatically exchange water, and it even dries the mop by itself. It’s amazing how you can complete all your floor cleaning tasks just by using the app—it’s like living in the future! I’m so blown away...!
If you’re on the fence, I absolutely recommend it.

Aaron Schmidt
Love this awesome vapmop

I can't stop telling people how awesome this smart vacmop is. Knocks it out of the park. Easy to setup and use, has features that rival/are comparable to all of the other main brands top smart bots plus it will empty/refill itself, clean its own mop, empty its dustpan and lots more. If you go the route of connecting the water fill station to the house water supply (I highly suggest) then that's even one more thing you dont have to worry about. This thing rules.

Brandon Miranda
Making housework easier! This is absolutely essential!

In our home, we have the main unit in the living room and the water station set up in the laundry room. Even if the vacuum main unit and the water station are placed a bit apart, the app automatically recognizes them! Isn’t that amazing?
If you follow the instructions and use the included parts to connect the washing machine's water supply and drainage pipes, it’s not difficult at all.
We had it clean once right away, and the floor became really clean. Fully automatic, exciting, and fantastic!

Thank you, robot vacuum cleaner!

Thank you, SwitchBot.
Thank you, robot vacuum cleaner.
I used to use a Quickle Wiper and a regular vacuum, but there's no going back now.
I searched on Sakura Checker and saw that this product was approved, so I trusted it and made the purchase, which was a good decision.
Since I have a cat, my floor was always covered with hair.
By running the robot just once or twice a day, my floors have become spotless.
It was my first robot vacuum cleaner, and I got it at a sale price.
I was undecided about getting one with an automatic garbage collection feature, but since I only need to empty it every 2-3 days, the simpler model was fine.
There were some reviews saying the mopping feature wasn't great, but for me, it's fantastic. It gets cleaner than when I do it myself.
According to the cleaning report on the app, it has operated for 10 hours in a single week. That’s a lot more than I could ever clean myself.
No wonder it’s so clean!

Abhi Kondajji
Modern cleaning for modern living

The robot arrived in a well-packed box. The instructions and QR codes were easy to find and use. Overall, I give it 5/5 and hope to see some new features.

Minor things:
1) My robot had no charge on arrival: make sure to charge it and download the app if yours arrives in the same state
2) The Li-DAR has been having intermittent issues with saying it's jammed; it's enough of an issue that the app tells you to tap the Li-DAR housing a few times to free it. I can see it spinning freely but gets the error message. Switching between vac to vac/mop mode seems to clear the error for some reason.
3) I would love to see updates to map for multi-story homes.

Great features:
1) All the replaceable components register their life-span on the app, which makes it easy to anticipate when new parts will be needed
2) The water exchange system is low profile, and I opted to put mine in the laundry room. The connection on the hoses can be removed and redone, so you can make a small hole in a cabinet if you want to go for the most aesthetic set-up.
3) very quiet during vac cycles; the canister emptying is loud.
4) App is very easy to use and connecting to home wifi was effortless
5) hoping for integration with Google home

Karolis Doniela
Amazing quality

Very high quality product

I'm glad I bought it.

I can't compare the quietness to other models as I haven't used them, but it doesn't particularly bother me, and the suction power is satisfactory.
It's nice to be able to start and stop it with Alexa.
I'm looking forward to enhancing comfort through integration with other SwitchBot products.

Michelle Kennedy
I've been waiting for a robot vacuum that can do automatic water supply and drainage and mop wash...

I just bought my first robot vacuum.

I have a cat, so my floors get dirty easily. That’s why I couldn’t bring myself to get a regular robot vacuum, as it would probably just spread the dirt around.

This product, however, can automatically wash the mopping pad and, best of all, it has automatic water supply and drainage. It’s the perfect combination, so I bought it as soon as I heard about it!

A surprisingly large box arrived, and being new to robot vacuums, I struggled a bit to decide where to set it up, but I had fun with the initial setup.
For some reason, it didn’t connect to my WiFi at first, but after setting up a guest WiFi without a password and updating the firmware on all the devices, I got it connected.

Our cat still seems wary of the robot vacuum roaming around the house. Sometimes, the cat blocks the hallway, causing the robot vacuum to stop, but I find that kind of amusing.

Most importantly, the floors are incredibly clean! They stay clean every day! No more fetching or dumping water! This is amazing!!!

I’m so glad I bought it.