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Alexei V Ivanov
Good Tech.

The meter works fine allowing to monitor the temp and humidity even while away from home (requires additional hub though).

The possible ways to improve:
1. Please make a SW update that allows to clean the logs after forwarding to the e-mail.
2. Are there any plans to add air quality measurement?

Iztok Mravlja
Did exactly what I needed it to

Using it to control my I.R. controlled AC with automation scripts depending on temperature.

Andreas Ruthe
Switch Bot will ease your life.

We love SwitchBot. We use it from two mobiles getting temperatures and warnings from our fridges and freezers, so we can act when we have power cut while out of home. Remote our aircons, get room temperature.. so we have convenient room temperature before we arrive back home.. use it as remote for an old Sony TV where replacement remotes are hard to get and very expensive. SwitchBot works like a charm to our 100% satisfaction.

Vincent Hector
Accurate and easy to use

Very easy to install and use! Just install the application and let yourself be guided. In addition seems accurate and stable over time. I strongly advise.

marco campeggi
Special meter

Fantastic device,very precise and reliable

Martina Martina Mignosa

Wonderful product. Precise and really useful

Zeljko Prsa

Easy setup, large LCD. It would be nice to have it in some other colour. I like it.

Jacky Huang
Love it

Great device. Very useful

SwitchBot Meter Plus

Bigger, smarter, now Plus.

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SwitchBot Meter Plus

Bigger, smarter, now Plus.

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Everything just got bigger.

Check temperature and humidity at a glance using our all-new smart meter. 

SwitchBot RGB Light Strip - Customizable, Multicolor, RGB

Large display

Made with a 3-inch LCD display to help make viewing even easier.

SwitchBot RGB Light Strip - Voice control compatible

Place anywhere

Includes a durable stand and magnet that allows you to place your meter anywhere.

SwitchBot RGB Light Strip - built-in music mode

Smart alerts

Get real-time alerts and reminders regarding indoor temperature and humidity.

SwitchBot RGB Light Strip - easy to install

Built for SwitchBot Ecosystem

Can be used in conjunction with other SwitchBot smart products.

It's here, now bigger than before.

SwitchBot Meter Plus now features a 3-inch clear LCD screen that makes it easier to see temperature data, and with its simple, easy to read indicators (dry/comfort/wet) you'll be able to keep an eye on indoor humidity at all times.

temperature humidity monitor | SwitchBot Meter Plus VS SwitchBot Meter

More fun with SwitchBot Ecosystem.
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Meter Plus Combo

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With SwitchBot Hub Mini, you can take advantage of Alexa and get indoor temperature readings with simple voice commands.

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