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Katie Wong
Works great with my old deadbolt

Got the keypad and lock pro and they work great! Installation was pretty straight forward and the calibration feature worked well with my old deadbolt that doesn’t require a large turn. The fingerprint feature on keypad is super convenient too. Super!

— T
Almost Perfect…

Upgraded from the original SwitchBot Lock. Was extremely impressed by the ease and speed of installation—UNTIL— I got to the 4 teeny, tiny, itsy bitty, minuscule, eye glasses frame sized screws. It might have not been quite so difficult to install these if it weren’t for this being the last step and the screw holes were then almost flush up against the door.

After spreading a white sheet on the floor so I could see the many dropped screws, donning a pair of jeweler's glasses (with a built-in light), and spending a very frustrating hour fumbling with these %!@? screws, it was finally installed! Yay.

Performance and convenience wise this is a great lock. And it works flawlessly with the SwitchBot Keypad. It’s a huge improvement over the original SwitchBot Lock.

loving it so far (but magnets not detecting)

Despite being a little bulky (but hey, who stares at the inside of the door) this lock was easy to install and get connected to Apple Homekit and Home Assistant.
I was not able to get the magnets to detect the open/close status of the door.... I will try reinstall through the software, but it is not very clear on how to detect magnets after the initial configuration.

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A more pro kind of
retrofit smart lock

Now more compatible, even more convenient, and stops worries when it comes to battery power. SwitchBot Lock Pro now features more comprehensive security measures than ever before, and with test after test is now the strongest rear-mounted smart lock you'll find on the market.

It's time to get Pro.

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about Lock Pro

The SwitchBot Lock Pro is more powerful, has longer battery life, and can work with the company’s new Matter hub.

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Thanks to Matter support, the SwitchBot Lock Pro can be paired with a Matter-enabled SwitchBot Hub Mini to add it to almost any smart home automation system you use.

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The deadbolt switch is gone, having been replaced with a twistable dial. It also doubles as a button with the Quick Key feature. Pushing it in lets you instantly lock and unlock the device. 



 The Lock Pro marches on with 4 x AA batteries, boasting a stamina that’s 1.5x better than its rivals. The Dual Power Pack keeps this lock going for up to a whole year. 

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Switchbot has 15 unlocking methods. That mix includes common methods like passcodes, Bluetooth and Apple Watch, and less-common methods like NFC cards and voice unlocking. 



Made to match.

SwitchBot Lock Pro is a perfect fit for North American homes. Setup takes just minutes, and allows you to keep your original door lock too!

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Install in minutes.

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Supports physical keys.

Dedicated design for North American door locks.

Supports most locks found in homes across North America.

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1. 3D fittings are needed, please contact our customer support team when purchasing.
2. If you feel like none of the above locks are compatible, please contact our customer support team at to confirm.

Check Compatibility

Complete Matter support for added flexibility.

Hub Mini Matter Enabled with SwitchBot Lock Pro. A smarter kind of home security.

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Use SwitchBot Lock Pro in Apple Home, all thanks to Matter.

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Choose a solution that suits you.

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Lock Pro

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Lock Pro with Hub Mini Matter Enabled Combo

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Lock Pro with Hub Mini Matter Enabled & Keypad Touch Combo

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