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Jerry Mulder
Very happy with product, again!

I purchased one Blind Tilt last year and installed it on the single blind in my study. I found the design and construction to be top notch and it performed perfectly so I order four more for the blinds in my living-room. Those four have worked flawlessly for over a year so now I bought three more to put on our bedroom blinds! So I'm eight for eight, receiving complete, fully functional devices that have yet to fail in any way. Great product!!

Miriam Lane
Great product

I love this product. I brought a package of three blind tilts, two for my living room windows which faces the west. It took me awhile to put the first one up because I am computer illiterate. But once I got the first one up, the others went up quickly. I love the way you can schedule them not only in fully open up, down but in other angles. Then I bought one more to place in my guest room to open my windows for my plants during the winter. Without them, all 37 plants will not get sunshine. Now, I am waiting on my other package of three to arrive so that I can put them in my bedroom windows. I just love them.

Edgar Lozano
Great product !!!!!

I love this smart blinds devices, very easy to install and great design, they did an amazing costumer service over emails, plus they come with solar panels!!!!!

Michael Hess
Works like a charm!

Installed two so far on some side by side windows. They are long, but these still are able to tilt them.

I've got them scheduled for waking up and closing when it's too sunny and hot.

I'll be doing all my windows with these eventually!

3 out of 7 installed very good

3 out of 7 installed very good. busy wait in new blinds coming in. Since the last firmware update switchbot working better. Some times on first try it failed. So far it all works first time. Good equipment . love auto open and close manual and open percents

Curt Kulczycki
Priced Right

After much searching I found the SwitchBot solution to automate my blinds. It was by far the cheapest solution available with the hub and solar panels. The setup was fairly easy. I have had to recalibrate the blinds several times. For some reason they will not fully close all the time. They are a little loud but I have them open and shut when we are not around so it's not a big deal. Sometimes they sound like it's struggling. I had one actually break the tip of the wand off.

String tilt

My blinds use pull strings to change the blind tilt. It appears SwitchBot doesn't work with tilt string pulls

Great Addition to Smart Home

Having purchased and installed Tilt on a few windows, I’m very happy with the addition to the house. It’s incredibly easy to install only taking minutes. I definitely recommend getting the hub if you want to control them outside the app. The app by the way felt intuitive when setting everything up. The only complaint from the wife is that the motor can be a little loud. I don’t mind as it’s over quickly and I’m sure future iterations will improve over time. All in all I’d definitely recommend

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Introducing Blind Tilt Combo

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Makes retrofitting blinds easy.

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Endless solar battery life.

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Control via groups.

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Compatible with voice control/remote control.