SwitchBot Plug Mini

SwitchBot Plug Mini (HomeKit Enabled)

4 great reasons to choose
the all-new SwitchBot Plug Mini.

Now Supports 
Homekit and more.


No Hub Required
Control Remotely


Simple set up
Local control

Includes an
Energy Chip

Check energy status 
Set triggers via power

Control appliances using
your iPhone.

Every smart home
starts with a
"Hey Siri..."

Every smart home
starts with a
"Hey Siri..."

Make life easier,
use automation.

Live life on schedule.


Have your curtains open at set times in the morning.


Have all your lights turn off automatically at night.

Leave home with ease

Save energy and turn off all your devices at once.

Arrive home to automation

Make sure home is set up just the way you like when coming home.

Geo-fencing helps make coming and going

Let HomeKit make it simple.

SwitchBot Plug Mini can be used across all Apple devices to help make smart home life even easier.

A 3-in-1 chip that gives
you more control. 

SwitchBot Plug Mini gives you more options when it comes to controlling home energy, and even lets you analyze energy data. 

Wi-Fi enabled for those
that don't need a Hub.

Wi-Fi enabled for those
that don't need a Hub.

Forgot to turn off the TV, again? Just turn it off automatically via our app. Or when coming home from work you can even turn on your humidifier in advance to help make life more comfortable before you get home.

Bluetooth, for an even
more stable connection.

Bluetooth, for an even
more stable connection.

SwitchBot Plug Mini is supported by Bluetooth, which makes connecting to your devices easier, and is great for situations when you can't rely on Wi-Fi connections.

Get a more in-depth breakdown
with our Energy Chip.

Helps you see where power
is being used.

Find out what devices
have been left on.

SwitchBot Ecosystem,
a simpler way to stay smart.

Treats your smartphone battery better.

Helps turn on humidifiers when it gets dry.

Turns on lamps at night to let light lead the way.

Made with safe and secure materials.

  • Features overcurrent protection to help turn off devices automatically when exceeding power readings of 15A.
  • Can prevent external forces of up to 75 Newtons to prevent interference from children or pets.
  • Includes a fireproof outer casing.

It's all in the details.