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Raymond Dudine
Perfect for rental

Perfect for a rental, easy to install ( even if I missed the adjustment and needed help which they were on top of) works flawlessly so far and other people who have seen it are now ordering because you do not have to change locks at rental property. Thank you for the help and timely shipping or responses to my needs

adam sanders

Smart Home Hub 2 + Smart Lock | Combo

Khaled Badawy

So far so good

Awesome Smart Option for NYC Prewar Apartment

I own a prewar co-op apartment in NYC and didn't want to invest in a permanent lock that I couldn't take with me or something that involved modifying the original hardware of the 1930's-era door. I've been using the lock, Keypad Touch, and Hub 2 for about a week and it works flawlessly. My door and frame is steel, so I was a little worried the contact sensor wouldn't work, but so far everything has been working as it should. Setup with the hub was a breeze for both the lock and the keypad. Opening the battery compartment for the keypad was a little confusing, but I would up watching SwitchBot's online video. I also wish it was adjustable in two dimensions. I couldn't install the lock horizontally because of the panel/trim and the shroud around the lock was too tall, so the extending mounting plate couldn't clear. My solution was to use some acrylic sheets, JB Weld, and 3m VHB tape to build a spacer that allowed me to install the lock.

Naim Solta
Amazing products

The switchbot kick works great and is super easy to install and use. It works flawlessly with it's keypad and hub. Makes my life much easier

Great product

Really enjoying the system. The finger print works great for adults but for children it seems to be hit or miss. The included NFC card works great for them. The sensor on the hub is very cool. Being able to take analog IR objects like a fan and not have to use a smart plug to make it smart is very helpful.

Amazing product! But a little disappointed with customer support

I recently installed the SwitchBot Lock, Hub 2, and Keypad, and am happy with the products overall. Unfortunately I found that the support isn’t as hassle-free as the company claims, but as long as you can prove to them that there’s a problem or that they messed up, they seem to come through in the end. Take care to differentiate between the Keypad and the Keypad Touch — one has a fingerprint reader and the other doesn’t. If you want a fingerprint reader be sure to get the Keypad Touch.

Crystal Hall
Lock & Hub 2

Overall, I really like these products. The Hub 2 looks nice and is easy to read (love the display!), but I don't have much use for it outside of just being a hub for other devices do to it's limited features. The standard features lock work great and is a game changer for not needing to carry a key.

Only suggestions I would make are around enhanced functionality:
1. The lock lacks the ability to lock/unlock based on you being within a geographical range from the house. It also lacks the ability to lock X time after you CLOSE the door. Right now it's just on a timer from being unlocked, so it locks even when the door is still open. August Home smart locks have great lock controls that I hope you all adopt soon.
2. Hub 2 - needs more AC control abilities (set comfy range to tell the AC when to turn on/off instead of one static temperature, set schedules, away mode, etc). Cielo Breez Max has great features that I would prefer my switchbot device have in order for me to purchase more and use as my preferred product.

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Introducing Smart Home Hub 2 + Smart Lock + Keypad Touch Combo

Easy to install

Easy to install

Safe and long-lasting

Safe and long-lasting

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