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Joep van Bortel

We already had a couple and decided to get more for other windows. The low noise setting does markedly decrease noise, but you'll aways hear them. The noise level doesn't bother me.
We have had the others up for a while and haven't had to charge them separately. The solar panels do their job, even through winter.
If I had to complain about something; the little 3M adhesives that hold the tilts stationary against the blinds sometimes let go. It might be because our miniblinds are not big enough for the entire sticky pad, but still annoying.
Overall, they work brilliantly on our mini blinds, the very expansive pic and video guides makes it very easy to install and the app works well.

Ric Corless
Still waiting...

Order placed 14 days ago and STILL NOT DELIVERED.

Best in the market

Brilliant easy to assemble motors, very pleased with the performance and connectivity, small yet very powerful.
The solar panel works and keep the batteries fully charged.

Check the video on youtube:

Overall I'd recommend getting these over the other brands.


These have simplified my life and help me to reduce electricity costs. They close the blinds when the blazing Arizona sun is trying to roast the house and open them in the morning so that I'm greeted by an open and bright house when I awake.

Russell Ware
Best Automation Device EVER!

This is my second purchase of the SwitchBot Blind Tilt units. I now have a total of 12 Blind Tilts, 1 SwitchBot Hub 2, and 2 SwitchBot Remotes. I could not be happier with the product, support, and service from SwitchBot. The Blind Tilts controls as advertised and are easy to install. The app is a dream to use. It is very user friendly for setup and programming. I had to contact support about getting additional 3M Adhesive pads due removing the Blind Tilts in a recent house move. They would not stick again to the new blinds. But, SwitchBot stepped in and totally helped me out. If you want the easiest way to control your blinds out there, this is the product.

Everhard Faas
Happy consumer

All is working nice. Good to see all the engineering in the product. Quite happy with it!

Mark Koster

SwitchBot Blind Tilt

Steve Davis
Perfect Accessory

It is great to just touch a switch on the wall and have both blinds open in unison to the fully open position then again in the evening, one touch to fully close them.
Simple install and setup.

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SwitchBot Blind Tilt

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