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Luke DiLodovico

Solar Panel Combo

Marsha N.
Futuristic Tech

I am very excited about this product combo, I am still working out the kinks since I bought the wrong kind of curtain (rod pocket) but it has a lot promise. I love the remote control ability to open my curtains.

Works as intended

I was skeptical at first, but the SwitchBot solar panel and curtain bot worked exactly as advertised! It’s been about 3 weeks since I got it installed and its working perfectly. Great for a window too high up to reach. I haven't messed with the scheduling but I am sure it works just as well.

David Lewis II

Solar Panel Combo

Excellent bot but faulty sticker

I really love the curtain bot and solar panel. They work well and move my curtains smoothly. The solar panel charges about 10% battery every day. So it's enough to keep the bot alive.
The only problem I have is with the velcro sticker on the back of the solar panel. I have ti attach the panel to the curtain because my rod is high. The sticker sticks well to my curtain. BUT it doesn't stick to the given velcro strip! I got my own velcro to fix this issue.

Emmanuel L.
Good well thought out product

Disappointed by the velcro scratches which do not hold and peel off after a few days despite having cleaned the support and followed the recommendations. Two of the 4x solar panels are peeling off. Besides that, the panel plays its role well and recharges the battery. I am still at 100% charge after 20 days for two Curtains, and the other two are at 99% and 98% (but they are in the north and not exposed to the sun for long) The product itself is a success for the moment. Perhaps think of a support system that allows the panel to be hung without velcro with uprights that would descend on each side of the curtain and allow the curtain to be hung or suspended a little lower below in the extension of the curtain.