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Mason Petrie
Great item

Works great for automating a non-smart panel. Responsive with a good build quality.

David Moore
Easy setup

I used the Switchbot bots to automated my garage doors now that Chamberlain decided to el8m8n6 their API. They were so easy to setup. It took me less than a half hour.

John Paul Gosling
Surprisingly good and easy to use

I have used the bot to make my projector screen smart, and the versatile and easy to use hub has turned watching a film from four remotes to just one.

Claudio Coutinho
Easy to setup

Easy to setup and connect it to your google account to trigger automations from everywhere.

Tim Kershaw

Bot Starter Combo

Deniz M.
Works as intended

Fast delivery, great product. Highly recommended.

Jonathan C.
Simple to use!

Currently using for my garage door opener as my app has no way to automate the opening of this at a certain time. Using the bot to schedule and press it at a certain day and time has done wonders. The hub is very easy to install and gives me piece of mind that I have the ability to add/delete schedules as needed while I am away from my home. Highly recommended!!

Bryan Lumley
Bot Starter Combo

It's a good starter kit! The finger bots work good but there good be some improvement on the depth of the finger bot! I had to place felt pads on the power button in order for the bot to reach it!

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Introducing Bot Starter Combo

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Makes any switch smarter.

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No tools required. Just tape your Bot.

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Set schedules with ease.

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Voice control/remote control compatible.