SwitchBot Curtain 2SwitchBot Curtain 2

SwitchBot Curtain 2

SwitchBot BotSwitchBot Bot

SwitchBot Bot

SwitchBot Bot is a versatile Bluetooth fingerbot that works with a wide range of rocker switches and one-way buttons. Here are the key features: 1. Universal Compatibility: The SwitchBot Bot...
SwitchBot Hub MiniSwitchBot Hub Mini

SwitchBot Hub Mini

Introducing SwitchBot Hub Mini: Your Gateway to a Smart Home SwitchBot Hub Mini is a compact and user-friendly device that brings convenience and control to your smart home. Here's why...
SwitchBot MeterSwitchBot Meter

SwitchBot Meter

The indoor thermometer and hygrometer by SwitchBot provide accurate readings and convenient features to monitor your environment. Here's a breakdown of its key features: 1. High Accuracy: The thermometer and...
SwitchBot RemoteSwitchBot Remote

SwitchBot Remote

SwitchBot Remote offers convenient control with just one click. Here are the key features: 1. Smartphone-Free Control: You don't need to rely on your smartphone to control SwitchBot devices. Simply...
SwitchBot Contact SensorSwitchBot Contact Sensor

SwitchBot Contact Sensor

SwitchBot Contact Sensor is a versatile device that enhances home security and provides convenient automation. Here are the key features: 1. Window & Door Alarm Sensor: The Contact Sensor detects...
SwitchBot Motion SensorSwitchBot Motion Sensor

SwitchBot Motion Sensor

SwitchBot Motion Sensor offers a range of features for enhanced security and energy efficiency. Here are the key points: 1. Motion Detection Range: The Motion Sensor has a wide motion...
SwitchBot Solar Panel  for Curtain 2SwitchBot Solar Panel  for Curtain 2

SwitchBot Solar Panel for Curtain 2

The Charger for SwitchBot Curtain offers a convenient solution to eliminate the need for manual recharging. Here are the key features: 1. Never Recharge Again: Once you plug in the...
SwitchBot Smart HumidifierSwitchBot Smart Humidifier

SwitchBot Smart Humidifier

Coming Soon
SwitchBot Curtain Grommet KitSwitchBot Curtain Grommet Kit

SwitchBot Curtain Grommet Kit

SwitchBot Sensor ComboSwitchBot Sensor Combo

SwitchBot Sensor Combo

Description Window & Door Alarm Sensor for Home Security:  SwitchBot Contact Sensor can detect the opening/closing of doors and windows, guarding security of the elderly, children, and pets.  Motion Sensor Detects...
SwitchBot TagSwitchBot Tag

SwitchBot Tag

The SwitchBot Tag offers a simple and fun way to control your smart devices. Here are the key features: 1. Easy to Use: To activate the SwitchBot Tag, simply tap...

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