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Beverly Mahoney
Great little robot

Using it while I'm away. It's very convincing!

Reta Baxter

When I ordered the curtain starter it was supposed to be 30% off, but I was charged full price. I am waiting to hear if they are going to honor the 30% off or I return the curtain starter.

David Smith

The curtain, but works very well. I am having trouble getting it to work with the hub and voice commands.

Cynthia George
Works great!

I was skeptical, but these really did convert my regular grommet top curtain rods to smart rods! Hooray!

I really love it.

Love it. Great to be able to say Alexa open my curtains. Cause they are not easy to get to.
Easy to install, though the instructions could be a little better. But I do love it!

Loving it!

This product along with the hub mini, makes automated life so much easier. Curtain opens at dawn and closes at dusk. Need it opened or closed right now? Just use your voice with your favorite automation director. Only thing you need to take care of is an unobstructed rail. Rails that have been slid inside of each other might prove to be too big of an obstacle for the little wheels. It pulling a 4M heavy curtain on a U-rail here. Loving it! Wife is asking for two more.

Gabe Engels
Great item

I installed this on a rod with curtain with back pockets.
Skeptical as most. I installed and downloaded app. And calibrated.
Calibration takes a bit to get it just right, but is very easy to control
Put on the schedule for the day.
Works great.
Motor does make a little noise. But it’s quick.
installed with it 100% charged. After the calibration a few times and adjusting curtains. And a few days of in use. Battery is only down to 97%.

All in all good product

Well-made, robust curtain opener

A lot of these reviews are based on the old version, which lacked several important features that are on the new version. I bought 2 of the new version and I am quite happy with the purchase. It is rechargeable, has light level detection, and is pretty well-made. I tried to find other ones on Amazon and this was the most reliable curtain opener.

This product lacks Alexa/Google Home integration, but if you are just having it open and close by time/level of light, then the app is sufficient. If you want voice control, you will need a hub.

Overall, I am happy with the purchase. It works well for me and also the customer service is great.

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