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Henry S
A great smart solution

The SwitchBot Bot is a perfect solution to bringing smart home functionality to may situations.

We have a 3-way switch on our driveway lights and I could not find a cost-effective solution to add a smart switch to this circuit. Simply installed a SwitchBot Bot on one of the switches, connected to our Google Home and it works like a charm!

I also put a Bot on the switch for our oil-fired furnace/water heater. We heat with wood, so the only reason the furnace would run was to heat the water. We can now control it through Google Home to only run when we need hot water so the furnace stays off the rest of the time...saves money! The Bot was a cheaper and easier option than installing a smart switch.

Both switches have been in use since December without a glitch, and the batteries have not needed to be replaced.

I anticipate finding more ways to incorporate SwitchBot products into our smart home system.

Andy in Hawick
great little tool

The switchBot acts as a watchdog, pressing the power button on our network attached storage (NAS) briefly a couple of times each day. If it is running, nothing happens. If it is powered down due to an interruption to the electricity supply, etc, it restarts the unit, ensuring that it comes back online within a reasonable time. A simple solution to a nagging problem.

Vishal M
My 7th switchbot

Just what I need to automate my apartment that I'm renting. Works well, easy reset, easy battery switchout. The hub covers my entire apartment including the other switchbot devices I have.

Xbox Bot.

This little device is amazing, it turned my OG Xbox into a remote controlled one. No more bending down to turn it on/off, I can do it all from my phone now.

Amit Hilleli

Great and amazing product

Callum MacEwan
Brilliant Button

This button is strong and reliable. When combined with the Hub 2 it can be added to your HomeKit or Alexa ecosystem without a problem

Love the Bot!

Great little Device.

Jesse Hefter
SwitchBot solves the riddle

Our home has older wiring and thus precludes using some of the newer technology in-wall switches for light timing. After many years of using in-wall mechanical timers of all brands, we have migrated all our switches to SwitchBot. We are very satisfied with their performance and reliability.

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